The Company

Name: Karla Zens
Role: CEO and Founder
Story: I'm a proclaimed coffee addict--nothing gets me out of bed (or out of the mid-afternoon lull) like a fresh cup of Joe. When I learned about the environmental impact of paper cups, I wanted to use a reusable cup, but found travel mugs to be too bulky and messy. That's why I created Zip Cup--the first truly convenient coffee cup.

It's simple to stash in a purse or pocket and saves money (coffee shops give you a discount when you bring your own mug) with a stylish look that turns heads. It's all part of the smart, fashionable, eco-friendly lifestyle I want to lead. Favorite Coffee: New Mexico Pinon

Name: Leilanie Bruce
Role: Strategist Extraordinaire. Leilanie combines sustainability expertise with serious relationship-building expertise to get Zip Cup seen and heard.
Favorite Coffee: Blue Bottle Three Africans

Name: Clinton Wang
Role: Chief Evangelist. An undergraduate at Yale who loves contributing to the success of innovative products and ideas, Clinton is enjoying hands-on experience promoting a novel design for one of our most basic household items.
Favorite Coffee: Cafe Mocha